Cancer Risk Screening

Cost*: 76,000

This package is valid until December 31, 2018

Our Advanced Preventive Cancer Risk Screening Package is especially designed for individuals who are both former cancer patients as well as have a family history of cancer and want to assess their risk of recurrence. This package includes all biomarkers of the Heavy Metal Screening and Preventive Cancer Risk Screening Packages together with an advanced immune profiling. This comprises the assessment of your Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells), which are one of the most important immune cells that actually kill cancer cells. In addition, this package tests for metabolic cancer markers that can indicate very early stages of the disease, as well as factors that can identify silent inflammation processes. Silent inflammation processes are inflammatory conditions that cannot be detected with conventional lab tests but play an important role in the evolution of cancer. Using precision medicine and advanced screening, we can develop specific programs and treatments to help reduce cancer risk and boost your body’s own ability to fight off cancer.

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